Everything we produce is done in-house. We have plastic cutting, machining, buffing & polishing, flame-polishing, laser engraving, laser-cutting, and acrylic heat bending (line bender & oven). We are centrally located in the United States to quickly ship our pieces anywhere. Worldwide shipping is available.

Custom Wall-Mounted Humidors
Wall-Mounted Humidors

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"...Your trophies were beautiful and most importantly, delivered on time and without error! ... The fact that you accomplished this in the French language with it's many accents is doubly remarkable and particularly appreciated." P.F., Quebec, Canada

Acrylic Sailboat Trophies

Poker Run trophy

Acrylic Plaques

"...With another short notice order (5 days) you got them to our doorstep a day early. Thanks to you and all of your employees who made this happen." T.C., North Carolina

Our Facility
The laser room at Central Plasticworks
"There was nothing but good comments about your workmanship and design...I would have been really disappointed if I had not managed to win one. Personally, I think they are the nicest trophies I've seen in a long while, and the price was certainly right." B.W., Lake Geneva, WI

Thank you for visiting us at Central Plasticworks.  We specialize in acrylic trophies & awards, amenity trays, beer & tequila sampler trays, display cases and acrylic products for special applications.  Our facility is set-up for acrylic/plastic fabrication, so if your needs require anything produced from it, you've come to the right place!   If you don't see exactly what you are looking for, please just ask!

We produce many of our products for specialty/niche markets. Please click the pictures below to view each of our specific divisions and/or galleries!

Acrylic sneeze guards

Acrylic baseball case / baseball holder

Acrylic shot trays and beer sampler trays
Awesome Acrylic Shot Trays and Beer Samplers!
Whether you need them on a large scale for a club, or just a few for a home bar,
we can make them in almost any theme that you have!

Surfing Trophies & Awards

Sailing Trophies & Awards

Amenity trays for hotels and resorts
Acrylic Amenity Trays

Custom Awards, Gallery 1
Custom Koi Awards
Custom Awards, Gallery 2

Acrylic Sports Awards
Acrylic Sports Awards Gallery

Green Environment Trophies
"Green" Environment Awards!

Examples of color-filled lasering vs. white lasering
Examples of color-filled lasering vs. white/frosted lasering